The RoadXML board has been elected during the RoadXML user group meeting held in Paris the 9th of September 2010.

The RoadXML Board's members are:

  • Oktal
  • PSA
  • Renault
  • Thales

Additional members:

What’s new in RoadXML 2.2:

  • Road markings are stored in a library
  • Banking of the road
  • Possibility to define parking and free areas
  • Object sequence in the 3 directions
  • Object mass
  • Clipped data on intersection
  • Material on intersection

Check the RoadXML Format Specification available in the Download section

The RoadXML community is proud to deliver the new version of the RoadXML© 2.1 as an OpenSource Project.


the RoadXML is now your own project.

come to join the RoadXML community to improve the road format, and create your own project with this format.

The first version of the RoadXML parser is now available.

Don't hesitate to join our opensource community to use this parser.

The roadXML is fully available in SourceForge.


RoadXML© 2.1 will be released in June 2010.
The major improvements are :

  • Trajectory on Intersections
  • Traffic light with countdown mecanism
  • Itinerary across the Network
  • Road banking
  • Physical properties of the ground: support of user specific description.