The RoadXML© format is an XML file format which is designed to answer the needs of many simulator applications:

  • Traffic simulation: entities acting on the networks such as pedestrians, vehicles, bicycles, tramway…
  • Scenario control
  • Car, Truck, Motorbike, Motorsport or Military vehicle dynamics models (tire/caterpillar contact or vehicle position on the road)
  • Motion platform control model
  • Sound control
  • 3D road networks generation


RoadXML© offers a multi layer description of the environment for fast data access for real time applications. Here are the 4 main layers of information:

  • Topological: element’s location and connections with the rest of the network.
  • Logical: element’s signification in a road environment.
  • Physical: element’s properties (road surface or obstacles).
  • Visual: element’s geometry and 3D representation.

RoadXML 4 layers

A road network in the RoadXML© file format is compouned of a patchwork of Sub-Networks. Each Sub-Network is a collection of Tracks linked by Intersections. Each of these Intersections and Tracks are then enhanced with different layers of data :

  • The road profile is added on the track to define the pavement surface.
  • Road Signs and other local cognitive elements are attached to the track.
  • Traffic and 3D description is carried by the road profiles.

The RoadXML© file format is also extensible and allows users to add extra information anyplace into the format.


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